NFC connected sticker for windows or vehicles

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Each object is equipped with our solution that allows you to manage your connected objects in a secure and intuitive way. A user guide will be given to you with your order to help you use our solution. You will have access to an administration space and to the catalogue of current and future functionalities. Free and unlimited updates. Full access to professional options: grouped management of objects (from 5 cards), management of employee access, creation of customised portals, statistics.

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This connected sticker with a diameter of about 13 cm is the ideal tool to share all the information you want. You can place it on a window or a vehicle … With 2 adhesive surfaces, you can place it inside or outside.
43 modules to use thanks to our intuitive and ultra-secure solution to manage everything you want to share. Your connected sticker is delivered to your home within 10 to 15 working days, accompanied by its interactive instructions for use.
You will be able to share: Your Vcard, your opening hours, your website(s), online shop, documents, catalogue, social networks, a map and many other features.


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