Hotels and restaurants

Whether you run a hotel, a guest house or offer Airbnb rentals, you can't imagine how NFC can greatly improve customer service and make your guests feel even more welcome.

Our Sensu solution is perfectly adapted to your business and everything has been designed to meet your needs and those of your customers. A dome on the Hotels and restaurants reception desk or in your rooms will allow you to share a wealth of useful information during your stay with us:

  • instant wifi code of the establishment
  • websites and social networks
  • activities, leisure, visits in the vicinity
  • tourist office number, TO website
  • satisfaction survey
  • restaurant map with ordering facilities
  • taxi company number
  • direct access to Google reviews and TripAdvisor page of your establishment
Hotels and restaurants , Hôtellerie et restauration, Hotels und Gaststätten

Restaurateurs, food truck or snack bar managers, facilitate customer orders with our NFC connected domes.

On the table, on the counter, or on your vehicle, thanks to the digital dome and our solution, save time and money and improve the service for your customers.

In one of the 43 modules offered by our solution, you can use the Cook QR module, an ingenious and powerful tool. Food and drink menu, ordering and payment options online. Each order can be validated and a waiting time indicated.

You add to Cook QR your website, your contact details, your social networks, your special events, Google reviews, TripAdvisor… And that’s it.

Moreover, after a first passage of his phone near the dome and the recovery of all the information that you wished to share with your customer, this one will be able to add to the home screen of his phone, a shortcut like an app, in order to have your information all the time to order!

Our NFC objects work without an application, on IOS and Androïd.

food truck for Hotels and restaurants, Hôtellerie et restauration, Hotels und Gaststätten
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