Our NFC domes, real interactive assets to boost culture and tourism

For tourism, our NFC domes meet many objectives. Thanks to them, you will be able to discover the cultural or tourist specificities of your region, town or village by sharing, for example, a monument representing a personality:

  • Identification sheet of the person, its history, date of construction…
  • Audio presentation in several languages
  • Access to associated archives
  • Videos related to the place, the person
  • Contact details of the tourist office
  • Other sights to see (with map and itineraries)

By placing a number of domes in your community, you can make it more attractive to the local population and to tourists. You will make it possible to discover places that are often ignored in an interactive way. You extend the time spent in your town or village, which has an impact on the local economy.

monument for Tourism, Tourisme, Tourismus
Tourism, Tourisme ,Tourismus

Our NFC domes to promote 2-wheeled tours and discovery of the region

Your community building or from a square as a starting point for many walks. A dome can share :

– Several routes with interactive map according to the difficulty of the route

– Must-see places and sights on the route

– Suggested refreshment stands or restaurants along the route

– Contact details of the tourist office

We can also assist you in setting up orienteering races, treasure hunts with routes and possible tests. Thanks to our solution, it is also possible to monetise these courses with a daily code change to access the information through our domes.

Whether you are a tourist office, an association or a municipality, NFC can really add value to your tourist offer.

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