Machine manufacturers have understood the positive contribution that NFC technology can make. Thanks to our domes and our solution, the applications are numerous. Today, many industries are turning to NFC to improve the user experience and bring real value to the after-sales service.

Industries, industrie

A dome affixed to the machine can for example provide quick access to

  • the company’s general contact information
  • the manufacturer’s website and social networks
  • the phone number, Whats App, Email of the manufacturer’s after-sales service
  • the reference number and warranty of the machine
  • digital user manuals that can be updated at any time
  • video tutorials and training
  • the online store for the purchase of spare parts, accessories and additional product

Depending on the machine and the possibility of connecting to the ERP or the machine driver, it is possible to install a second access point for the manufacturer’s technicians as a diagnostic tool.

Of course, NFC is not only for machine manufacturers. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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