Retail Shop

Your interactive showcase 7/7 and 24/24

24 hours a day, even on closed days, your retail shop window can become intelligent, at a lower cost, and create a formidable marketing lever for e-commerce, customer relations and loyalty. Thanks to our large format sticker (+/- 20 cm diameter) with an integrated NFC chip and our intuitive and secure solution, you can exchange all the information you wish to share with your customers and passers-by in front of your arcade:

  • Website and social networks of your business
  • Contact details
  • Opening hours
  • Your e-commerce website
  • Your Click & Collect offer
  • Your promotions and events
  • Contests, newsletters

With our 43 modules, you can share anything you want! And you can always use a statistical tool to analyze the performance of your sticker and the opening of the different modules for your retail shop.

You don’t need an app to use our NFC sticker. It is readable on IOS and Android. And if the person doesn’t have NFC detection enabled on their phone, no worries, they can also scan the QRCode.

Retail Shop, retail commerces, Einzelhandel Geschäfte
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