Building information (for real estate companies and owners)

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This custom-made panel, made of transparent acrylic, fully customizable and accompanied by its NFC dome, will revolutionize communication with the residents of the buildings you manage!

The digital transformation is at the heart of the concerns in many trades, real estate companies are also concerned.
The traditional billboard present in the building entrances to inform the residents is now replaced by NFC technology.

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What are the advantages of placing an NFC sign?

– Real-time updating of information, from anywhere, 24 hours a day
– Reduction of costs related to the update: no more travel, less paper consumed
– Time saving

And what can we share?

* Contact information for the real estate company and website
* Various contacts: concierge, craftsmen authorized to work in the residence
* Rules and regulations
* Laundry hours
* News alerts: water and electricity cuts, …

* And anything else you want to share: documents, videos, social networks, …

In short, everything you want to share with the building’s inhabitants through our intuitive and secure solution. And the reading of the information, either via NFC or via the QR Code, does not require any reading application.


Technical details

5 mm transparent acrylic panel

Dimensions: W 35 cm x H 25 cm

Printing: white intermediate layer (the whole surface)

Treatment: cut, holes in the corners

Accessories: 12 mm spacer


File : png or jpg min 300Ko

Template: Download (attach document)

Caution: provide a space of 6cm (60mm) in diameter to place the NFC dome


Provide a “download” button to allow sending the visual


Delivery: 10 to 15 working days


Each object is equipped with our solution that allows you to manage your connected objects in a secure and intuitive way. An instruction manual will be given to you with your order to easily use our solution. You will have access to an administration space and to the catalog of current and future features. Free and unlimited updates. Full access to professional options: grouped management of objects (from 5 panels), management of collaborators’ access, creation of customizable portals, statistics.

Dimensions 35 × 25 cm


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